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Tottenham has established itself as a regular top 6 clubs and is ready to challenge such clubs as Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City for their place in the Champions League.
The North London club will desperately try to end this season above its worst rivals - Arsenal, and you can watch everything that happens here.

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Spurs often go on an unpredictable journey and should be the same this season.

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PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 10Aug 2019   Tottenham v Aston Villa


PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 17Aug 2019   Man City v Tottenham  


PREMIER LEAGUE Su 25Aug 2019   Tottenham v Newcastle    


PREMIER LEAGUE Su 01Sep 2019   Arsenal v Tottenham  


PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 14Sep 2019   Tottenham v Crystal Palace  
CHAMPIONS LEAGUE We 18Sep 2019   Olympiakos v Tottenham  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 21Sep 2019   Leicester v Tottenham  
EFL CUP Tu 24Sep 2019   Colchester v Tottenham  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 28Sep 2019   Tottenham v Southampton  
CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Tu 01Oct 2019   Tottenham v B Munich  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 05Oct 2019   Brighton v Tottenham  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 19Oct 2019   Tottenham v Watford  
CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Tu 22Oct 2019   Tottenham v Red Star  
PREMIER LEAGUE Su 27Oct 2019   Liverpool v Tottenham  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 02Nov 2019   Everton v Tottenham  
CHAMPIONS LEAGUE We 06Nov 2019   Red Star v Tottenham  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 09Nov 2019   Tottenham v Sheff Utd  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 23Nov 2019   West Ham v Tottenham  
CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Tu 26Nov 2019   Tottenham v Olympiakos  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 30Nov 2019   Tottenham v Bournemouth  
PREMIER LEAGUE Tu 03Dec 2019   Man Utd v Tottenham  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 07Dec 2019   Tottenham v Burnley  
CHAMPIONS LEAGUE We 11Dec 2019   B Munich v Tottenham  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 14Dec 2019   Wolves v Tottenham  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 21Dec 2019   Tottenham v Chelsea  
PREMIER LEAGUE Th 26Dec 2019   Tottenham v Brighton  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 28Dec 2019   Norwich v Tottenham  
PREMIER LEAGUE We 01Jan 2020   Southampton v Tottenham  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 11Jan 2020   Tottenham v Liverpool  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 18Jan 2020   Watford v Tottenham  
PREMIER LEAGUE We 22Jan 2020   Tottenham v Norwich  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 01Feb 2020   Tottenham v Man City  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 08Feb 2020   Aston Villa v Tottenham  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 22Feb 2020   Chelsea v Tottenham  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 29Feb 2020   Tottenham v Wolves  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 07Mar 2020   Burnley v Tottenham  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 14Mar 2020   Tottenham v Man Utd  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 21Mar 2020   Tottenham v West Ham  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 04Apr 2020   Sheff Utd v Tottenham  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 11Apr 2020   Tottenham v Everton  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 18Apr 2020   Bournemouth v Tottenham  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 25Apr 2020   Tottenham v Arsenal  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 02May 2020   Newcastle v Tottenham  
PREMIER LEAGUE Sa 09May 2020   Tottenham v Leicester  
PREMIER LEAGUE Su 17May 2020   Crystal Palace v Tottenham